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Google Chrome Canary 40.0

Google Chrome Canary is an early beta version of this popular browser
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Google Chrome Canary is an early beta version of this popular browser. The difference between a Canary Build and the regular beta version is that you can install it without overwriting a regular Google Chrome version. This means that you can use both versions separately, being able to test the new features without risking to loose your stable version. Google named this line of browsers "Canary" because its icon is yellow, while in its regular version Google Chrome comes with a multi-colored icon. Canary builds are only available for Windows platforms, and you will not be allowed to set a Google Chrome Canary Build as your default browser.

Google Chrome Canary Build is a very attractive browser. It is very fast, especially when you want to play online videos. Its interface can be customized through skins, and it will not ask for any plug-in to play media. It offers you a synchronization service, that will use your Gmail account to store your preferences and bookmarks online. You will then be able to retrieve and use this information in the computer of your choice.

Google Chrome Canary Build also offers a feature called "incognito window" - the system’s history will not register any site you visit browsing incognito, so nobody will be able to find out which sites you have visited.

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