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If you have a craving for trying out latest browser updates and features then Google Chrome Canary is the best platform to do so. Google describes Chrome Canary as the bleeding edge of the web because the builds on this platform are released and updated for use as soon as they are developed.

It is a great platform for developers to test the new features and APIs as Chrome Canary is updated at almost every day. It’s a fun experience because you get to try your hands on every new update and feature. Having said that, Canary is not recommended for daily browsing use since the builds are not tested beforehand by the Google engineers. Some features may not work properly, can cause Canary to crash down and you can also end up losing browsing data as well. Since it the least stable version of Google Chrome Channel, any new feature bug can cause the Chrome Canary to shut down bringing the bug in the notice so that the developers can then work to make the feature bug free.

The installation process of Chrome Canary is simple and is similar to regular Chrome. It has a different icon than regular Chrome to avoid any confusion. After installation, it looks and works like regular chrome but with all the latest untested features and updates. Also, your personal browsing data like bookmarks, browsing history, etc., is secured because the Canary builds creates a separate profile for itself while downloading. Since it is installed separately, it does not affect the performance of the regular Chrome browser and both can be used side by side.

Chrome Canary also comes with all the regular Chrome features including Flash and PDF reader. As of now, Chrome Canary is compatible with Mac, Windows 64bit and 32bit, and Android operating systems.

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  • 1) Test out the latest in Google Chrome
  • 2) Get latest updates and features the moment they are developed
  • 3) Try out new features and report bugs
  • 4) Meant for developers


  • 1) Unstable version of Google Chrome and may crash
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